Volume 2

Détérioration des collections de coquilles

Causes, conséquences et traitement


R. De Prins

E. Rour (translation)

Publication date: 2007
Number of pages:60 pp.
Audience:Beginning and advanced mollusc curators
Geographic scope:


Taxonomic scope:Molluscs,  useful for other taxa with calcareous parts
Habitat type: Marine

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Suggested citation:

De Prins, R., Rour. E. (traduction). 2007. Détérioration des collections de coquilles. Abc Taxa, Vol 2.


Additional Information:


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• De Prins R. 2005. Deterioration of shell collections. Causes, consequence and treatment. Gloria Maris 43:1-75
• Geiger et al. 2007. Techniques for collecting, handling, preparing, storing and examining small molluscan specimens. Molluscan Research 27: 1-50. Abstract can be viewed on http://www.mapress.com/mr/content/v27/n1.htm. Researchers interested in getting a full copy of this paper can contact the authors (contact info available on above url)