Volume 6

Sri Lankan Seaweeds

Methodologies and field guide to the dominant species


E. Coppejans

F. Leliaert

O. Dargent

R. Gunesakara

O. De Clerck

Publication date: 2009
Number of pages:265 pp.
Audience:Beginning and advanced phycologists
Geographic scope:

Sri Lanka

Taxonomic scope:Sea Weeds
Habitat type: 


Seaweed vegetations s.s.

Seagrass beds

Mangrove forests

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Suggested citation:

Coppejans, E., Leliaert, F., Dargent, O., Gunasekara, R., De Clerck, O. 2009. Sri Lankan Seaweeds – Methodologies and field guide to the dominant species. Abc Taxa, Vol 6.

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– December 2010 – New book on seaweed taxonomy released by, a.o., GTI alumnius A. Prathep from Thailand


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