Volume 10

Les champignons comestibles de l'Afrique centrale

Taxonomie et identification


Hugues Eyi Ndong

Jérôme Degreef

André De Kesel

Publication date: 2011
Number of pages:253 pp. (one annex)
Audience:Beginning and advanced taxonomists
Geographic scope:

Central Africa

Taxonomic scope:Edible mushrooms
Habitat type: Tropical forest

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Suggested citation:

Eyi Ndong H., Degreef, J. & De Kesel A. 2011. Champignons comestibles des forêts denses d’Afrique centrale. Taxonomie et identification. Abc Taxa, Vol 10.

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– http://www.indexfungorum.org/

– http://www.mycobank.org/


Annexe 1: Hendrickx 1940, Notes Mycologiques Congolaises

Annexe 2: Steyaert 1961, Genus Ganoderma (Polyporaceae) 1

Annexe 3: Steyaert 1962, Genus Ganoderma (Polyporaceae) 2

Annexe 4: Steyaert 1967, Les Ganoderma palmicoles

Annexe 5: Steyaert 1972, Species of Ganoderma and related genera mainly of the Bogor and Leiden Herbaria

Annexe 6: Ryvarden 1974, Type studies in the Polyporaceae 2 species described by M. Beeli

Annexe 7: Steyaert 1975, The concept and circumscripion of Ganoderma Tornatum

Annexe 8: Steyaert 1976, Basidiospores of two Ganoderma species and others of two related genera under the scanning electron microscope

Annexe 9: Steyaert 1977, Ganoderma resinaceum Boud., peut-il être considéré comme parasitaire ?

Annexe 10: Steyaert 1980, Study of some Ganoderma species


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